Araldite selector guide bonding solutions for assembly operations

Araldite® adhesives range for assembly operations

From adhesives with long open times for large area applications to fast-curing adhesives for early removal from fixtures and rapid through-put, this range includes adhesives which are resistant to high temperature, water and chemicals.

Liquid adhesives as well as thixotropic adhesives for gap-filling or vertical applications can be found in this range. Adhesives with highest strength can be selected from this range as well as tough and impact-resistant adhesives with a well-balanced combination of strength and flexibility and also elastic
adhesives to cope with different thermal expansions when bonding larger structures of dissimilar materials.

Products from the Araldite® adhesives range for assembly operations are available in a variety of packaging including easy-to-use cartridges with static mixers and working packs for manual applications as well as hobbocks and drums for higher volume applications. The Araldite® adhesives range for
assembly operations will continuously be updated to meet the newest demands of innovative design using the bonding technology.

1-C epoxy adhesives
> excellent adhesion to metals,thermoset and thermoplastic composites
> outstanding lap shear strength and peel strength
> high fatigue resistance
> very high impact resistance
> excellent chemical resistance
> easy processing

2-C epoxy adhesives
> excellent adhesion to metals and thermoset composites
> high strength and high stiffness
> high creep resistance
> high fatigue resistance
> high temperature resistance (adhesive specific up to 210°C)
> excellent chemical resistance
> low shrinkage

2-C methyl methacrylate adhesives
> excellent adhesion to metals, thermoset composites and most thermoplastics
> good adhesion with minimum surface preparation
> tolerant to mix-ratio variations
> wide spectrum of available reactivity
> optimum ratio open-time / cure time
> mechanical properties from rigid to flexible
> good long-term durability No-mix methyl methacrylate adhesives
> long open-time and rapid cure
> good adhesion with minimum surface preparation
> high process flexibility
> suitable for high production speed
> high toughness
> good long-term durability

2-C polyurethane adhesive
> excellent adhesion to most thermoplastics and composite materials
> good adhesion to metals
> mechanical properties from rigid to flexible
> good long-term durability
> good combination of strength and flexibility

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