Industrial Assembly and Maintenance High-Performance Lubricants Selection Guide

Industrial Assembly and Maintenance High-Performance Lubricants Selection Guide

High-performance industrial lubrication is needed for equipment components operating under heavy loads, in harsh environments, exposed to heat and
cold, and running at different speeds. With proper lubrication – selecting the right lubricant for the job – you can:
• Improve reliability
• Reduce energy waste
• Improve productivity
• Manage severe duty
• Extend equipment life
• Meet industry standards
• Increase sustainability

Lubricant Selection: Not all lubricants are created equal. High-performance
industrial lubricants, such as Molykote® brand specialty lubricants from Dow Corning,
are formulated to meet specific application conditions. Selecting the proper lubricant
for a given application should always consider L.E.T.S. – load, environment,
temperature and speed.

• Loads can be heavy, moderate or light.
• Environments can be typical industrial settings or severe-duty, harsh or corrosive conditions.
• Temperatures can range from extreme heat to extreme cold.

• Speeds can vary from high to low and can include oscillating orstatic conditions.
Generally, greases and oils work well with light to moderate loads, typical operating
environments, normal temperatures and moderate to high speeds. Synthetic
lubricants are more effective with static or high loads, in harsh environments, with
extreme heat or cold, and at low to moderate speeds.

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