Innovative Silicone Conformal Coatings from Dow Corning

Why Silicone Coatings from Dow Corning?

In one word: reliability. The versatility of silicone chemistry expands design freedom, increases processing options, broadens performance parameters and introduces unique options for sustainability. Compared specifically to organic-based coatings, silicone solutions offer several valuable benefits.


Silicones perform reliably at sustained temperatures as low as -45°C and as high as 150°C – a far broader range than organic coatings, which degrade at such extreme temperatures. Many silicones can even withstand brief exposure to temperatures up to 250°C.


Silicone conformal coatings offer an extraordinarily broad range of hardness, as well as extremely low-modulus options. That means they deliver better stress-relief on delicate board components during thermal cycling.


Silicones are nearly all solventless, making them the material of choice where emerging regulations impose
complex and costly special requirements for handling and processing.

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