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Upcoming Webinar : Thermal Management Solutions for Automotive, Lighting and Industrial Applications

Publié le 15/01/2018

Thermal Management Solutions for Automotive, Lighting and Industrial Applications

Materials chosen for PCB and device assembly must deliver optimum reliability and durability in today’s challenging automotive, lighting and industrial applications. Heat is typically seen as the enemy and thermal management challenges exist across a wide variety of applications and may require specific solutions. Choosing a solution is driven by both the module/device design and the operating conditions. Ideally, the right choice should not only help to achieve desired thermal management characteristics but also support cost, process and/or design optimization.

As a class of materials, silicones are consistently reliable at high temperatures. Available in a broad range of viscosities, cure chemistries and delivery formats, silicone products can help expand design and manufacturing options. Dow’s industry-leading portfolio of innovative, thermally conductive silicone adhesives, compounds, encapsulants, greases, gap fillers and dispensable pads can provide a thermal management solution for the most sensitive circuits and components.

Dow’s experts Julien Renaud and Florian Damrath will share their views on thermal management solutions selection criteria; help you to navigate among a broad offering of thermally conductive adhesives, gap fillers, dispensable pads, greases and encapsulants; and feature the latest developments for automotive, lighting and industrial applications.

About the Company

Performance Silicones, a unit within Dow Consumer Solutions business, delivers a portfolio of performance-enhancing solutions to serve the diverse needs of customers and industries around the world. From transportation and lighting to building and construction and chemical manufacturing, Dow Performance Silicones business helps our customers solve their most challenging problems. As a global leader in innovation and silicon-based technology, we are committed to bringing new solutions to the market that do more for our customers and continue to improve the lives of consumers worldwide. Visit dowcorning.com to learn more.

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Presented by Dow

Join us live Thursday, January 25, 2018 
9:00AM ET (New York)
3:00PM CET (Paris)
10:00PM (Beijing)

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