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MOLYKOTE® G-1056, G-1057 and G-1067 Greases with low temperature and noise reduction properties

Publié le 2021-09-08

Low temperature application, noise reduction with MOLYKOTE® G-1056, G-1057 and G-1067 greases

These noise-reducing greases offer :

  • Excellent noise reduction and low temperature performance
  • Less stress and easier handling for a cleaner production environment.
  • Controlled oil separation and flow for cleaner parts and less staining over time.
  • Good resistance to water washout for extended life in wet applications.


Car body parts

Slides and guides, actuators, cables

Household appliances

Moving parts of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners

Moving parts of office equipment

Outstanding noise reduction properties

Conventional anti-noise greases increase operational resistance at low temperatures because they use a high viscosity oil to reduce noise. A new base oil and additive technology allows these new greases to have lower friction at low temperatures and better noise dampening properties at ambient temperatures.

Comparison of noise reduction properties

Good low temperature property below -40°C

Test method: Low temperature torque test (JIS K 2220)

Controlled oil separation and purging

Before test

After test (100°C x24h) 

Test method: Oil purge (JIS K 2220 100°C x 24 hours) - the grease is coloured for the test.

General properties

Note: These values are not intended to be used for the preparation of specifications. Please contact us before writing specifications for these products.

Source: Dupont publication

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