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Molykote™ anti-seize paste, or the benefits of properly lubricating threaded connections

Publié le 2021-06-24

Benefits of threaded connections

Threaded connections offer several advantages, including convenient disassembly, repeated use of a fastener and accurate reassembly. However, without proper lubrication, these advantages can be lost, causing significant equipment and reliability problems.

Appropriate lubricants, usually in the form of lubricating pastes, can overcome some of the common mechanical failures associated with threaded connections.

In particular, they can help prevent uneven bolt tension due to uneven friction, part slippage, corrosion, fretting or seizing.

Finding the right lubricants

Ultimately, not all lubricants are created equal. Finding the right lubricant not only reduces friction, increases preload accuracy and facilitates tightening, but also avoids the damage associated with catastrophic failure. Appropriate lubricants should therefore be selected based on the most dominant failure modes listed for the application, as well as the operating conditions to which the material will be subjected.

As example, the table below provides a general description of the most suitable anti-seize pastes for screwed assemblies according to DuPont Molykote™.

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