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The importance of an excellent bearing lubricant

Publié le 2021-05-14

The importance of a good bearing lubricant

Definition of a bearing :

Bearings are machine elements used in a wide range of industrial applications, where rotation between different components at low friction values is desired. Proper lubrication is essential not only for the proper functioning of the system, but also to extend the useful life of the various machine elements in action.

What are the typical sources of failure in bearing lubrication?

In general, poor lubrication and the use of an inadequate lubricant are the most common reasons why a bearing does not perform optimally. The term "unsuitable" here includes, among other things, incompatibility of the fluid with surfaces and with other fluids in the system (e.g. another lubricant), or insufficient viscosity. The user must also consider the amount of lubricant required, as there is an optimum amount at which the friction values become minimal. Too much lubricant can lead to excessive heat build-up in the contact during operation, while too little could lead to higher friction values. Contamination of the lubricant could also play a major role in accelerating the failure of the element.

Thus, the purpose of bearing lubrication is to cover the rolling and sliding contact surfaces with a thin layer of oil, sufficient to avoid direct contact between the metal surfaces. If done effectively, friction, abrasion and heat generation will be reduced. In addition, proper lubrication of a bearing prevents rust and corrosion on its surfaces, as well as contamination. Finally, the service life of the bearing is extended.

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