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How to "grease" a screw, or a screwed assembly

Publié le 2021-01-04

Why use an Molykote™ anti-seize paste ?

DuPont anti-seize pastes Molykote™ contain a high content of solid lubricants to protect mechanical components against wear, corrosion ALL CONTACT LUBRICANTS, grazing, seizure or deterioration. They protect the assembly against corrosion, against fading and ensure a constant coefficient of friction.

Solid lubricants remain in place even under high temperatures and high loads, ensuring a long-lasting lubricating action. For a threaded joint to perform optimally, the anti-seize paste must be chosen carefully according to the application conditions.

The use of an anti-seize paste is therefore one of the best ways to reduce and control friction in threaded assemblies to ensure long-term performance and facilitate disassembly and reassembly. The selection of the appropriate anti-seize paste depends on the expected loads, environment, temperature and speed of the application.

The table below provides a general description of the most suitable anti-seize pastes for screwed assemblies according to DuPont Molykote™.

In this video, the benefits of DuPont Molykote™ anti-seize pastes  :

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