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Synfill-G from Synthene, the new glass fibre filler for reinforcement

Publié le 2020-10-22

Why use SynFill-G fiberglass filler?

It is advantageous to use Synthene's Synfill-G filler when we need to increase the tensile and flexural strength of the vacuum casting resin. The Synfill-G filler therefore allows the production of parts with higher flexural and tensile moduli of elasticity.

Synthene's SYNFILL G filler is added between 15 and 25% to the resin at the time of mixing (such as PR700, PR777, PR500 ...). It allows to almost double the flexural modulus of a resin, while remaining easily pourable in a silicone mould. It is compatible with all Synthene vacuum casting resins.

Benefits of SynFill-G glass fiber filler for vacuum casting resins

  • Increased tensile and flexural strength
  • Increased material rigidity
  • Improvement of temperature resistance
  • Reduced coin removal
  • Wide range of possibilities depending on the applied load rate

How to use SynFill-G fibreglass filler?

1. Weigh parts A and B of the polyurethane, add SynFill G to the Isocyanate part. 2. Place parts A (Polyol) and B (Iso + SynFill G) of the polyurethane in the vacuum casting machine.

3. Vacuum casting with a mould preheated to 70°C.

Features of products loaded with SynFill-G

Exemple avec les résines Polyuréthane Synthene PR500 , Synthene PR700 et Synthene PR777

Synthene PR-500 : Vacuum casting resin for prototyping ABS-type parts. Colorable Intended for the production of mechanically resistant parts, even without post-curing. 

Countertype PC/PA
Synthene PR-500
Modulus of traction (MPa) 2800 4400 4600 5600
Viscosity 1300 2100 2800 3100
Flexion modulus (MPa) 2600 4200 4500 5000

Synthene PR-700 : Black resin intended for the production of prototypes or small series. Any need for the production of parts requiring high thermal resistance and/or high mechanical properties.

Contretype ABS
Synthene PR-700
Flexion modulus (MPa) 1700 2700 3000 3400
Maximum flexion stress (MPa) 70 92 95 105
Viscosity 600 1000 110 1300
Deflection temperature under load (°C) 130/B 118/A 136/A 142/A

d casting resin for prototyping PP or HDPE type parts.  Any need for the production of semi-flexible parts with high impact resistance and mechanically demanding quality such as clips or bumpers.

Contretype PEHD/PP
Synthene PR-777
Modulus of traction (MPa) 1000 1600 1900 2200
Maximum tensile stress (MPa) 32 34 38 40
Flexion modulus (MPa) 900 1600 1900 2200
Maximum bending stress (MPa) 35 50 58 64

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