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Dowsil, Dow silicones for the assembly and protection of battery module cells

Publié le 2020-07-27

Dowsil and Sylgard, two Dow silicone ranges dedicated to the assembly and protection of battery module cells

Provide higher density and lower cost  

The market for Plug-in Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) is about to develop.
To successfully adapt and take advantage of the first mover advantage, OEMs and their suppliers are turning to silicone solutions for lightweight, high energy density batteries that resist overheating and are compatible with high-volume automated assembly systems.

Silicone de Dow, Assemblage et protection des cellules des modules de batterie :

Why silicones ?

Silicones provide lightweight protection, excellent thermal stability and insulation against thermal events for automotive battery modules of all types. Silicones can also be formulated to prevent sagging and retain their shape when applied to vertical surfaces, ensuring efficient progression of the modules on the production line.

Whiche silicones ?

Dow offers a wide range of thermal interface materials, including :

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