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The Araldite® 2000 range of adhesives boosts its image with a new logo

Publié le 2020-07-23

To push the new ARALDITE® 2000 adhesive Core Range,
the logo has got a new visual update

The colors reflect the new and vibrant visual identity of Made Possible.

The idea of the Araldite 2000 Core Range was to create a basic product range,
which covers 80% of all structural bonding needs with only 20% of the products ...

... And each product brings a very specific added value to the range:

           Two-part epoxy adhesives          Two-part acrylic adhesives           Two-part polyurethane adhesives

The ARALDITE® 2000 Adhesive Core Range products provide a more
innovation, performance and sustainability in all areas.






More information :

Need information about our adhesives or product range Araldite® ? Contact our technical department at +33 426 680 680 or
fill out our contact form.

Download now the Huntsman White Book dedicated to the marine industry:

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