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Samaro launches its new Model, Molding and Prototyping Selection Guide

Publié le 2020-03-16

This product selector's guide to modeling, molding and prototyping is designed to guide you to solutions that have already been proven in the industry.

Partner of Huntsman®, Obo®, Duna-Corradini®, Silastic® Acrystal® and Synthene® for products for PU, Epoxy, Acrylic and Silicone model and mold making in France.

Samaro® regularly edits selector guides dedicated to different sectors of activity as well as to different chemistries and technologies.

In this guide Samaro® offers you :

  • New design of the tables

  • New Huntsman Epoxy Resin Hardener: Ren®HY5160-1(slow); Ren®HY5161-1(normal); Ren®HY5162-1(fast) (page 6 and 8)
  • New prototyping resins :
  • New HPR Synthene®: Soft / Hard 65 Shore D resin (page 12)
  • Synthene®PR500: high-modulus, translucent, UV-resistant vacuum casting resin (page14)
  • Synthene®PRF100: Food grade vacuum cast resin (page 17)
  • Silicone accessory product :
  • Xiameter®PMX200-50cts , PVA, Syl Off 4000 etc. (page 21)
  • Dilution tables for Silastic® RTV with Xiameter®PMX200-50cts (page 21)

  • New RenShape Epoxy board BM5060 (page 22)
  • Dispensing equipment / mixers
  • Vacuum Casting Accessories (page 29) with links to doc Vacuum Casting Equipment

With reminders :

You will find in this brochure the main part of our offer:

More information :

Need information about our Modelling, Molding and Prototyping range? Contact our technical department at +33 426 680 680 or fill in our contact form.

Download our new Modelling, Molding and Prototyping selector guide.

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