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Check out the new Electrolube video showing Thermal Management solutions.

Publié le 2020-03-09

In this comprehensive webinar on thermal management of electronic devices from Electrolube, Global Technical Support Manager Jade Bridges examines a wide range of material, including the fundamentals of thermal conductivity measurement, TIM options, application methods, silicones vs. non-silicones, gap fillers, and phase change materials.

Some real-life case studies examining problems and solutions are presented in the webinar.

Thermal Management Of Electronic Devices Electrolube [Webinar]

The important thing to remember:

  1. Understanding the importance of thermal management
  2. Learn how to evaluate the available options and make a considered choice (e.g. silicone, non-silicone, greases, thermal pads, phase change materials, thermally conductive sealants and gap fillers).
  3. A better understanding of thermal interface thickness issues
  4. The importance of application methods
  5. Examine the problem, the application and the solution through case studies.

More informations :

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