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Windshield bonding: Merz + Benteli completes its range with MSP MERBENIT SK212 LOT sealant

Publié le 2020-02-24

Merz + Benteli continues to innovate in the field of MS Polymers sealants and widens its range of adhesives specially designed for windshields bonding, in the transport industry.


Windshields are traditionally bonded to vehicles using single-component polyurethane sealants. These PU sealants are known to have two main disadvantages : they require caution surface preparation, and they often present toxicological risks for operators (they must be handled with suitable protective equipment).


Polyurethanes are more and more replaced by the use of MS-Polymers sealants in the transport industry, because they require a more simple surface preparation, and because they have a clean safety data sheet.


Samaro and Merz + Benteli now offer three different MSP sealants with high tack and high mechanical properties, that are specially designed for bonding windshields and other fixed windows:

  • Merbenit SK212, for OEM and repair of car windshields. Euro N-Cap approved product, with a drive away time of 60 minutes (measured by crash test)
  • Merbenit SK212 FAST, for the repair of car windshields. Euro N-Cap approved product, with a drive away time of 30 minutes (measured by crash test)
  • * New product * Merbenit SK212 LOT (for Long Open Time), for OEM and repair of windshields on large vehicles (buses, trams, trucks, etc.). The open time of 25 minutes gives operators more time to realize the operations of bonding the windshield on bigger vehicles.


These three products are available in 290 ml single-component cartridges and 600 ml sausages, and can be used with standard dispensing guns used in the industry. They are also available on request in bulk (20 liter hobbocks or 180 liter drums).


More information :

Merbenit SK212 is available in these packagings:

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