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Molykote™ 55 O-Ring lubricant keeps air brake valves on track.

Publié le 2019-02-07

Molykote™ 55 O-Ring lubricant is highly effective in pneumatic systems

Probleme : Find a lubricant to help form an effective, long-lasting dynamic seal between rubber O-rings and metal sleeves in the pneumatic air brake systems on company commuter trains.

Product selected : Molykote™ 55 O-Ring lubricant

Application : The lubricant must retain its consistency under a wide range of temperatures, lubricating the O-rings and protecting them against undue wear. The lubricant must provide a tight seal without deteriorating the O-rings.

Results : Applying the silicone lubricant to the O-rings as they are fitted on a brass spool valve keeps them tightly sealed for up to two years of daily use. The long-lasting lubrication saves maintenance time company engineers and helps keep the trains operating safely.

Comments : According to air brake supervisor, correct lubrication is an important part of the brake system maintenance routine. Molykote™ 55 O-Ring lubricant is highly effective in pneumatic systems, ensuring a consistent seal between metal and rubber parts.

Engineer said : "the rubber on metal contact could wear out the O-rings very quickly. We need a lubricant that prevents o-ring deterioration, yet provides effective long-term lubrication. The Molykote™ 55 O-Ring lubricant does a great job, it reduces maintenance time because it works well and lasts such a long time. It's the right lubricant for this application.

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