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5 minutes Epoxy adhesives

Publié le 2018-11-19

Focus on 5 minutes Epoxy adhesives

As a partner of Huntsman and Permabond, Samaro offers more than sixty references of epoxy adhesives, with different process properties (viscosity, mixing ratio, color...) and technical caracteristics (hardness, mechanical resistance, rigidity, thermal or chemical resistance ...).

Among the many products available, we regularly receive inquiries about 5-minute epoxy adhesives.


What is a 5 minute epoxy adhesive?


“5 min epoxy” is the common name used to define some epoxies adhesives, which have a very short open time (less than 5 minutes) and a handling time between 5 and 10 minutes. This handling time corresponds to the time required for the glue to reach a value of 0.3 MPa, that is the minimal resistance required to handle the assembled parts without the risk of destroying the assembly. Nevertheless, these adhesives, like all two-component epoxy glues, still require a minimum of 24 hours curing time to reach their optimal technical and mechanical properties.


Samaro offers different adhesives that can be defined as "5 minutes epoxy", with different colors and packaging:

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Download our epoxy selector guide.
Guide de sélection Epoxies

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