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Dry and transparent film against NVH noises

Publié le 2018-09-18

DryFilm, High Performance Lubricants for the Automotive Industry

DryFilm AS is aqueous fluoropolymer dispersions developed to provide a solid, non-visible, antifriction coating on plastics, elastomers, glass, leather, and metals. Specifically, these products help to eliminate noise occurring when materials are rubbing against each other.Thanks to their chemistry and unique particle morphology.
DryFilm AS provide the following benefits: Transparency / Extremely low static and dynamic friction / Elimination of stick-slip and squeak noise / Functional in temperatures ranging from –60 to 200 °C (–76 to 392 °F) / Chemically inert—does not swell or discolor the substrate / Forms homogeneous coating using standard brushing, dipping, or spraying techniques / Water-based, solvent-free / Dry coating, does not attract dust and dirt / Very stable with long shelf life if stored correctly
DryFilm AS-T is the version with UV-tracer to facilitate quality controls.

Applications are:

Coating to eliminate stick-slip and squeak noise (NVH) in:

  • Automotive interiors, such as instrument panel,
  • door panels, seating, center console,
  • armrests, glove compartment,
  • fasteners, and clips
  • Furniture, such as office chairs, lamp mechanisms,cupboards, and drawers
  • White goods, such as dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers
  • Assembly aid with the benefits of inertness and broad temperature range
  • Release coating in thermoplastic, thermoset, and elastomer molding processes

More informations : 

Guide de selection equipement Noise Vibration & Harshness
Guide de selection 
equipement Noise Vibration 
& Harshness

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