Anti-friction coatings

MOLYKOTE™ D-3484 50 kg Drum


Metal/metal combinations with moderately fast movements and high loads. Used successfully for lorry coupling sleeves, toothed gears, parts of car safety belts and carboot lock parts. Bolts and levers in tractors and construction machines.
MoS2-fortified / Phenolic resin / Organic binder / Organic solvent / Gray / Falex load-carrying capacity: 15,500 N / Drying time 10 min at +170°C (+338°F) / Service temperature range: -70°C to +250°C (-94°F to +482°F).
Anti-friction coating. MoS2-fortified. Heat-curing dry lubricant. Excellent lubrication, high load-carrying capacity. High flash point (hence particularly suitable for series production operations), high abrasion resistance, long service life.
Dangereux. Respecter les précautions d'emploi