Compressor oils 

Compressor oils and vacuum-pump oils are used to:

• Lubricate shaft seals, bearings, screws.
• Remove heat generated by compression.
• Remove contaminants via the filtration system.
• Protect against corrosion.
• Form seals between screws and housings to prevent compressed gases from escaping.
• Lubricate and remove heat 

Overheating of compressor systems can cause compressor oil to degrade and form residues that cause the entire system to work harder (stresses, fatigue).

Synthetic lubricants resist these effects. Although conventional mineral oils are less expensive, they have an estimated service life of between 500 and 1,500 hours.

Synthetic oils generally have a higher service life, which is estimated to last between 4,000 and 8,000 hours.

Used to lubricate vacuum pumps and air compressors of all types and particularly screw compressors, sliding-vane compressors, piston compressors, where the use of synthetic lubricants is recommended.


Air compressors of all kinds, particularly screw, sliding vane and piston compressors, where synthetic lubricants are recommended.

20 l Drum

Compressors in the food industry where oil with ISO VG 68 viscosity is required.

18,9 l Drum

Compressors in the food industry where oil with ISO VG 46 viscosity is required.

18,9 l Drum

Synthetic blend vacuum pump oil used in the food industry.

18,9 l Drum