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    Special Lubrication

    Around €15 billion is lost each year in France due to friction and wear of mechanical parts.

    The consequences of using machinery without suitable lubricants are many and range from downtime and the cost of spare parts and labor, to late delivery penalties and more, etc.

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    Adhesive sealants

    Welding, soldering, brazing, riveting, screwing and bolting are just a few of the assembly techniques used.

    Used in all sectors of industry, bonding is an alternative to these assembly methods. It makes it possible to assemble different materials without damaging them or adding unnecessary weight.

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    Assembly, electrical
    and electronic protection

    The importance of protecting electronic circuit boards is widely acknowledged. It protects and extends the operating life of components and of the boards themselves.

    Various protection solutions are available depending on the type of chemistry (neutral silicone, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, water-based, etc.) and the desired type of protection

  • Composite


    Un matériau composite est l'assemblage d'un renfort et d'une matrice. Le renfort est généralement constitué de tissus en  fibres de verre ou de tissu carbone. Dans certains cas on utilise un tissu d'Aramide (Kevlar®), des fibres naturelles comme le Lin ou le chanvre. La matrice est le plus souvent en résine Epoxy, résine polyester ou résine vinylester...

  • modelling and molding

    Modèles et Moulage

    Modèle/moulage est l'ensemble des techniques et produits utilisés pour la création de modèles, la fabrication de moules et la duplication de pièces. Les techniques utilisées sont : le modelage, l'usinage CN (commande numérique), le moulage souple, le moulage rigide, l'impression 3D (prototypage rapide), la sculpture, l'estampage, la coulée sous vide, le RIM, la coulée prise rapide (FAST CAST)...

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