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Permabond MM070, HM071, MH072: Three Anaerobic Adhesives Without Risk Phrases

Publié le 2011-09-28

Permabond constantly researches new non-toxic products to serve the needs of its customers and meet health and safety regulations (RoHS Directive, REACH Regulation, etc.). Samaro now offers three new anaerobic adhesives without any risk phrases:

-   Permabond MM070 medium-strength threadlocker ;

-   Permabond HM071 high-strength threadlocker ;

-   Permabond MH072 pipe sealant ;

These products are specially engineered for production units and factories that place emphasis on worker safety and require "white" safety data sheets (i.e., without entries in the Hazards Identification and Composition/Information on Ingredients sections, no regulatory labeling, etc.).