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New Electrolube brochure on contact lubricants

Publié le 2011-11-21

Contact lubricants are specially formulated greases and oils that reduce friction and enhance the electrical performance of current-carrying metal interfaces in switches and connectors.

Electrolube products are electrically insulating in thick films, preventing contact and parasitic arcing, i.e. between closed metal contacts they allow the current to flow, owing to the "Quantum Tunneling Effect".

They also exhibit a neutral pH, thereby avoiding surface corrosion. The effectiveness of even perfectly designed switches can be improved by contact lubricants and, when considered at the design stage, significant production cost savings can be achieved by the use of less-expensive plastics and contact metals.

Benefits of contact lubricants:

  •   Extend the operating life of switches;
  •   Improve signal quality;
  •   Reduce operating temperature;
  •   Improve switch "feel";
  •   Prevent contamination;
  •   Silicone free.

Download Electrolube's Contact Lubricants brochure here.